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A Commercial Electrician is a skilled individual who must possess fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills related to the commercial installation and service of electrical devices and components found in commercial settings.

Kelowna Commercial electricians or aka. Service electricians inspect, install, troubleshoot, repair and service equipment such as motors, generators, pumps, heavy duty machines, lighting, environmental regulating, communication, fire prevention, emergency systems and associated electrical and electronic controls. Individuals who work in this trade are also referred to as commercial electricians, maintenance electricians, or service electricians. These commercial journeyman electricians are employed by maintenance departments and Commercial companies.

Commercial companies in Kelowna cover new commercial buildings, tenant improvements, conduit installations, panel upgrades, fire alarm installation, emergency system maintenance and testing. Some of the tasks and sub-tasks associated with the analysis overlap with the responsibilities of other skilled trades. Possible overlap exists in trades such as HVAC, security, telecommunications and other technicians.

Kelowna Commercial Electrical work always requires a permit to prove that the work was done in respect to BC codes, standards and regulations. Kelowna Contractors require a Construction or Maintenance License.  A journeyman commercial electrician is un-able to apply for a permit.  Most commercial landlords require any changes to their building be performed by Kelowna commercial electrical companies that can apply for permits.

The Installation Process from Start to Finish

Step 1. Commercial tenant or business owner either hires a construction company or interior designer to execute their store plans.

Step 2. Commercial Store owner, Construction company or interior designer calls a local electrical company for a quote.

Step 3. Electrical Contractor is chosen based on interior designer or construction contractors preference.

Step 4. The contractor applies for an installation permit.

Step 5. The company sends Kelowna commercial electricians to perform lighting, wiring rough-in and calls the inspector to inspect before insulation and drywall is installed.

Step 6. Once the interior is painted and trim has been installed the Kelowna commercial electrician installs devices, lighting, emergency lighting and fire alarm devices.

Step 7. Kelowna inspector and Fire Department to perform final inspection before occupancy is granted for the general public.

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Commercial Electrical Services

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Kelowna Commercial Electricians

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At Pfitztech Electrical we take the time to make sure things are done right and with an eye for quality. We want our customers coming back to us for their next project. See below for our services.

  • New Commercial Buildings from Ground Up
  •  Renovation and Tennant Improvements
  • Power Upgrades 100-200-400amp      
  • Emergency lighting maintenance/install
  • Commercial Renovations                      
  • Fire alarm testing/install/modification
  • Appliance Circuits & Installation           
  • Commercial Data/Cable and Networks
  • Outdoor & Parking Lot Lighting             
  • Commercial Landscape Lighting
  • Code Corrections & Upgrades                                 
  • Commercial Lighting Design & Maintenance
  • 1 phase/3 phase Circuits Equipment and Distribution                    
  • Commercial Ballast & Lamp Replacing
  • Commercial Lighting Control Panels    
  • Dedicated Computer Circuits and isolated ground circuits
  • Safety Inspections




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