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Electrical Consultation

The Why? 

     When designing your new build or renovation it is very important to get a professional consultation.  Electrical Codes are updated every 3 years and must be implemented with in this time.  If you do not consult a reputable Electrical Contractor you could be at risk of being under budget, electrical shock, fire, or have the home condemned by the Safety Authority.

Many instances we have been called to fix the electrical work that has been performed by an un licensed electrician.  This usually ends up costing the customer double what they would have paid if they hired a Licensed Contractor from the start.  The work will have to de commissioned and re-wired. Now the customer had to pay the inexperienced electrician, the demolition of his work and the rewire to be done right.

If you hire an unlicensed electrician there is no obligation to do the job right.  They also don’t carry any liability insurance or guarantee they will complete the job.  A Licensed Electrical Contractor has to apply for a permit and do the job right so it passes inspection by the BC Safety Inspector.  Contractors also carry liability insurance and a $10000 surety bond to guarantee the job is completed.

The Cost?

The Electrical Consultation or Quote is usually free.  The Electrical Contractor will go over the customers requirements and will consult on the code requirements. Once the Contractor has all the information they can give an accurate cost estimate on the electrical Installation.  When comparing quotes from different electrical contractors its important to make sure that they are including the same amount of items.

When planning the electrical installation, it is important to know what the cost will be before planning the other finishes and appliances.  An electrical consultant can give you a better insight to the design costs and the desired outcome.  The electrical code requires there be a minimum of electrical equipment be installed.  This is usually a surprise to most home owners and designers.  The Electrical Code not only protects the home owner but it protects future buyers of the home.  If electrical work on a home was permitted it usually increases the value and piece of mind.  In some provinces Insurance companies will not cover your renovation unless it was performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

 The What?

Electrical Consultations can include everything from Electrical Codes, Lighting placement, Popular lighting, modern electrical systems, lighting Control, Energy Efficiency, Telephone and Data.  There are many items that make up a properly functioning building.  Electrical Contractors install these systems daily and can enlighten the customer on the requirements for a properly functioned building.


Electrical Consultation
Electrical Contractor
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