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Electrical Breaker panel upgrades

Well here it is, I’m sure you have heard that electrical panel upgrades can be expensive.  Here is why! When upgrading an electrical panel there are current codes that must be followed.
 Service Conduits must now be located on the outside of the building.  The reason for installing an electrical service mast on the outside of the building is simple. Utility companies need to inspect the conduit to ensure no one has tampered with it. Stolen power for illegal use is a big problem for utility companies 
The current electrical panel is only rated for the size of breaker and panel.  When upgrading electrical panel, all components of the service need to be sized bigger to allow for more amperage. 
The electrical panel upgrade would require a new panel, new breakers, new service conduit and new cable to the pole or hydro pull box. This requires expensive parts and many man hours. It requires removing electrical panels, relocating circuits, labeling circuits and then adding a new electrical panel with components rated for the amperage you require. Read More...

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How much for Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Upgrading electrical service to:

100Amp = $1000 to $2000

200Amps = $3000 to $4500

400Amps = $6000-$8000

So, you are looking to upgrade your panel!

Prices usually vary due to the complexity of the installation. Not all houses are built the same.  There may be unique circumstances that require extra man hours. 

It is important to get an electrical contractor with expertise in panel upgrades. Not all electricians are good ones. Hunting for a bargain isn’t the greatest idea when it comes to the safety of your home.

When you hire Pfitztech you aren’t just paying for a panel upgrade. You are insured comfort that your investment is in professional hands and will be executed with quality craftsmanship.

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