Bathroom lighting

Lighting in a bathroom should also have a few different types of lighting.  As most know bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.  The choice of lights in a bathroom is very important. Choosing a pot light above a sink will cast shadows on the person standing in front of the mirror and will not be very appealing.  The size of the bathroom will determine how many lights should be in the bathroom.

Lights should be above the mirror on the wall and should be a bright decorative light.
Accent lighting such as wall sconces or narrow beam pot lights should light up the bath and shower.
Accent lighting can also be used in tandem with a dimmer to create relaxing moods when in the bath or shower.

Types of Spaces

Kitchen lighting- Kitchens require a lot of light.  The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house and should be lit accordingly.  A $30,000 kitchen wont get a good return on your investment if it has improper lighting.  A kitchen that wows buyers should have good ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting.  Most of the time is spent in the kitchen for some.  The lighting has to be bright for food preparation and cleanliness.

Under cabinet lighting will accent the tile back splash.
Pot lights provide adequate ambient lighting and task lighting if switched properly
Decorative pendant lighting over an island will create a kitchen focal point

Living Rooms/Rec Rooms

Reading? watching TV? entertaining friends or relatives? Living spaces need a variety of light sources depending on what time and what day of the week it is. In this case it's good to have a combination of general purpose fixtures (which will illuminate the entire room) and specific task lighting (which will provide extra illumination as you need it).

Led mirrors
Commercial office led lighting

 Dining Rooms

These often require a combination of accent lighting and decorative lighting such as a chandelier combined with pot lights. Presentation is important when it comes to food and you don't want to be feeling around for your plate in the dark. In this case it's nice to have some lower ambient light with something a little brighter focused directly on the table.

lighting temperature


When it comes to lighting the exterior of the home some lights are a necessity and others are for decoration and accent light. Light adds safety to walkways, showcases homes and landscape, and decorates gardens. Having a well lit exterior will deter criminal behavior and showcase your home for neighbours and potential buyers. Pot lights can be installed under eaves to accent architecture. Lighting the side of your home will decrease tripping hazards and increase appeal. It's always a good idea to have functioning, practical lighting in areas where people could be moving around.

Lighting buying guide, pendant lights, track lighting, wall sconces and fans.

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Types of Light

Ambient: Often chosen by the electrical installer or interior designer is the light that creates the required lighting for the room.  Some rooms don’t require much ambient lighting like theatre rooms and closets.  Other rooms in the house like the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms would require more lumens for sufficient ambient light.   

Accent Lighting: Often used to compliment other décor in the room.  Accent lighting plays a big factor in the interior design ideas.  Lighting such as directional pot lights, track lighting and wall sconces can provide accent lighting to enhance paintings, architecture, furniture and interior décor.  Accent lighting should not be used to light a room.   

Task Lighting: This type of light is placed to provide bright illumination for activities such a reading, crafting, cooking in the kitchen or playing games. Remember to keep your task lights and ambient lights on separate switches.  This will save on energy and keep the appropriate task well lit.

Decorative Lighting: This type of light is primarily for aesthetics and serves as a decorative feature or focal point for a room. Chandeliers and stair lighting are a great examples of decorative lighting.  Its not for lighting a room or complimenting interior décor.

Commercial Lighting

Choosing the right light for your business makes a statement.  You want your customers to have a pleasant opinion when they first walk in.  Most commercial lights are chosen by an interior design team.  Commercial spaces are often large areas and require brighter lights and more of them.  A commercial building not only requires ambient light but also emergency back up lighting.  If you are in search of a commercial electrician call in the Okanagan call contact Pfitztech Commercial Electrical Services


This is another room in the home which benefits a great deal from having a combination of light sources. Often lighting in bedrooms is left to bed side lamps.  An electrician will install switches next to the bed so that lights can be switched when you walk into the bedroom and switch them off while laying in bed. Soft ambient lighting is going to be more relaxing (and more romantic) after a long day but you still need task lighting for reading, seeing into closets, eating breakfast in bed, etc. If this type of set up isn’t for you then there are standard options with a single light switch at the entrance to the bedroom. For accent light, your choices are pretty much limitless, ranging from chandeliers to recessed lights.

When selecting lighting, most people spend a lot of time thinking about what the fixture looks like and very little time thinking about the type of light it is going to provide. In reality it should be the other way around. Lighting comes in all different colours, output, and energy consumption. The most beautiful fixture in the world is useless if it doesn't provide sufficient light when, where and how you want it.

Light is the key component of any home décor and design.  When designing Kitchens or bathrooms it is important to choose the lighting that will A) light the area sufficiently and B) Decorate the room accordingly. With lighting we can enjoy colour, set a mood, provide safety and live our lives. Without light rooms can seem depressing and cold. 

Entryways/Hallways/Stairways- This is not a place to save on light fixtures. Stairs especially should be well lit and easy to navigate. Stairs are a great place for decorative lights to light up the stairs. Lights can also be installed in the rise of every step or in the wall next to the step to create a very modern look.  Stair lighting can give an average home an expensive look and is a popular trend amongst new homes. Hallways should be lit every 8' to 10' to ensure adequate lighting throughout.  Hallway lighting can be lit with pot lights or wall sconces.