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Things to Consider when Wiring Residential Buildings

When building a home its important to think of resale value.  Just like a new vehicle, fully loaded vehicles are worth more than an entry level.  Unlike vehicles though residential homes or buildings have a better chance of increasing in value.  The residential buildings that are accessorized with the latest electrical wiring technologies and electrical wiring that is above code requirements will typically be more valuable. When designing your residential building its important to think of the building as an investment.  The more options installed in the residence  the more valuable the home will be.  We have the residential wiring experience to know what items you should have installed and what electrical items are a waste of time and money.  Hiring a residential electrical contractor to work with you in designing your homes electrical will ensure your new homes  top of the line. Our residential electricians will make sure the home is wired to the latest codes and technologies

Installs that will transform an average home into a Luxury Home!

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Sufficient lighting

The lighting is the most important part of your home.  Sufficient lighting can increase your quality of life.  Dark rooms, coves and shadows are depressing.  They also will turn off potential buyers.  There are many factors when it comes to designing an award winning lighting layout.  Lighting comes in different colour temperatures, wattage, lumens, and range. Confused yet? that's ok we are experts in designing the perfect lighting layout for your residential building.


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Tips for Keeping on Budget

Have a plan and stick to it.

No matter how much planning goes into the building there will always be a few things that will change but a good plan will minimize the over all cost. Changes made after the electrician has roughed in the wiring will typically cost extra.

Establishing good communication.

A licensed electrical contractor will employ a residential electrician that will typically be the first to start and the last to leave the building.  Discuss items and ideas with the residential electrician clearly and early in the job so they have a better understanding of the building that’s being created.

Consider future plans.

If you are considering a hot tub, gates, workshop, detached garage, landscape lighting or outdoor kitchen its important to have conduits installed during construction.  It will cost a lot more later on to have these items installed by another residential electrician.

Purchase custom residential lighting as soon as possible.

Custom lighting can take 30-90 days to be assembled and delivered.  Once received, the products may be broken or they don’t match what was purchased. This could delay your project by weeks or even months from being finished.

Pay on time.

If payments are delayed it could delay your project. Establishing a good relationship with the electrical contractor could lead to getting things done for free or at discount prices. 

Building a residential home or tackling a renovation can be a little overwhelming.  Taking down drywall is just the beginning.  Then all the wiring to relocate and circuits to add all while abiding by the latest building and electrical codes.  Call Pfitztech Kelowna Residential Electrical Contractor 250-575-5721

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