How much does it cost to hire an electrician?

In the BC Okanagan Electricians must be insured, licenced and bonded before they can do any work on someones home or business. This protects the consumer from any damages such as fires and life threatening electrical shock. An electrician makes between $25-$35 per hour but to hire one that is legally allowed to work on a privately owned building would cost $60-$100 per hour. Electrical Contractors usually have a minimum call out rate of 2 hours. The reason for a minimum call out rate is because of travel times and supplies. An electrician may only be at your place for 20-30 min but he probably drove across town and had to visit the suppliers for the materials to get the job done.
Electrical Contractors usually charge between $75-95 per hour. The reason it seems high is because electrical work is a regulated industry. Electrical Contractors must have a $10 000CDN Bond, liability insurance, contractor licence and permit before they can make any changes to electrical in a clients home. A certified electrician is not legally allowed to work on a clients home without liability insurance. If they did something wrong and the house burned down or someone was seriously electrocuted the insurance company would not cover the claim. The electrician without insurance could be personally sued for damages.

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