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Automate – “I forgot the light on all day” There are many ways to control lights that will save on energy consumption.  Motion detectors or occupancy detectors will pay for them selves.  The amount of lighting that gets left on for hours or days would be reduced to a few minutes a day.  Motion sensors are very advanced and come with many energy saving options.  They can be programmed to sound detection or light detection. They will automatically turn off lighting with set intervals of 1,2,5,10,15,30,60min.  Motion detectors or occupancy detectors don’t just control light but can operate plugin lights and other electrical equipment that shouldn’t be left on when no one is around.  Photo sensors can also save energy from turning off un-necessary lights when there is daylight present. A commercial building can be automated so that all lights in the building turn on and off at a set time.  This takes the responsibility off the last person to leave the building. Commercial buildings use a lot of energy to keep the area lit so automation becomes a very popular amongst landlords and business mangers. By automating the lighting energy bills can be cut almost in half.  There are new code in B.C. that require all new commercial buildings incorporate energy saving automation to save on energy. 

Replace-  Replacing old lights with new Energy efficient lights can save a bundle and will pay themselves off.  If it seems to expensive to replace all the lighting in the residential or commercial building we have a tip. Start with replacing the lights that are used the most.  This could be a kitchen or living room where there is usually abundance of lighting and a high traffic area.  Lighting isn’t the only thing that can save energy in a home.  That old dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove top, baseboard heater, tv and fridge will use more energy than new energy efficient technology.  Commercial Buildings can save on energy bills by replacing old energy hog lights with new efficient lights.  Commercial building owners can also claim rebates for lights replaced.  Not all electrical contractors can provide Energy Rebates on replaced lights.  Pfitztech Contracting is a fortis approved rebate contractor. Contact us

Timers- New TVs usually have timers incorporated in them.  After an hour or two the t.v. will shut off or go into sleep mode to save energy if no one has changed the channel.  This function can also be accomplished by plugging a timer into the wall plug then plugging in electronics to it so when everyone goes to bed the timer will shut off power to the electronics and it saves the home owner from unplugging everything. Timers can also save energy in bathrooms by turning off the fan after a certain time setting.


Monitor- Monitoring the power in the residential or commercial building can make you more power conscious.  There are a few in home power monitors available for the resident owner.  The power monitors show live power consumption and can track the peak times of the day that the most electrical power is being used.  Having this information on hand can help you understand what appliances consume the most energy which will help you save energy.