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Data & Communication Services

Learn more about our data network and communication services. Proudly serving Kelowna, West Kelowna, and the South Okanagan.

Commercial Office Networks

We design and install systems to network multiple computers in your office space. The Internet is capable of incredible speeds, and we determine the proper peripherals and cables to deliver that speed to you. We can install both wired and wireless networks, and recommend the ideal configurations for your work.

When the Internet is down, you can lose work, productivity, and money. Get a system you can trust to keep you in business. Contact us today to set up your commercial estimate.

Data Network Installation

You require reliability and speed from your network. We make it happen with our knowledgeable technicians. Whether your network is hardwired or wireless (WiFi), we have the experience to build the fastest networks for your business. Our services include:

  • Cabling (Cat3, Cat5e, Cat 6a, Cat6e)
  • Network switches
  • Patch panels
  • Repair and retrofits
  • Network testing
  • Wireless/WiFi access points
  • Voice over IP (VOIP)

We offer data network installation for new commercial construction and as a retrofit to existing office spaces. Contact us for a network estimate.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Many modern businesses look to fiber optic cable for reliable, high-bandwidth Internet. Fiber optic cabling requires longer installation times and experienced technicians. We have the experience and the knowledge to install or upgrade fiber optic solutions for your business.

Companies that consider fiber optic cable include:

  • Medium to large size
  • Heavy internet users
  • Rely on WiFi or the cloud
  • Have large servers
  • Need to minimize downtime

The best tech can suffer if your Internet speeds can’t keep up. Give your business an advantage with fiber optic Internet. Contact us for a complimentary fiber optic estimate.

Switches & UPS

Once you have your system installed, customize it to suit your business and your work style. We perform a number of custom installs to make your network as efficient and usable as possible.

  • Install switches so multiple computers can use a single connection.
  • Install mounting hardware to customize your PC
  • Recommend power saving solutions
  • Set up UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or battery backups
  • Set up surge protectors

Keep your network running efficiently and reliably. Contact us for information or an estimate.

HDMI & Display Cables

HDMI cables bring high-definition, high-quality visuals to your peripherals. For companies that work extensively on screens, HDMI can be a requirement. HDMI cables can come in standard format, with ethernet, high-speed, or with UHD (ultra high definition).

Different monitors and peripherals come with different display cable requirements, such as VGA or DMI. After we evaluate your equipment, we recommend and install the proper cables to support your business. Contact us to schedule HDMI or display cable installation.

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