Entertainment rooms are a popular design choice for new home construction and renovations.
When creating your custom home theatre, smart audio and video can take your room to the next level. Smart audio/video installations can also make your home more convenient, efficient, and modern.

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Smart TVs

Our certified technicians install your system quickly and properly, doing it right the first time. With a Smart TV such as Google Chromecast, Samsung QLED, or LG C9, you can stream video straight to your TV.

A Smart TV allows you to:

  • Stream entertainment directly onto your TV
  • Display video in HD or Ultra HD
  • Watch programs with minimal buffering
  • Control streaming through your smartphone or tablet
  • Control the TV from anywhere in your home
  • Watch Netflix and YouTube on your home TV

Every Smart TV has its own benefits and features. We guide you to the proper purchase to suit your lifestyle. We can provide different options to supply your new TV and also install your wall mount. You’ll want a mount that’s secure and positioned at the proper viewing height. Finally, we can configure your Smart TV and train you on using all its many options.

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Smart Speakers

Smart speakers produce the highest quality sound through efficient, responsive design. Control the volume with voice commands or through your smartphone or tablet. Our experienced technicians can install your Google Home Max, Amazon Echo, or other smart speaker system to your specifications.

With Smart integration, your sound system can stream music from streaming services, such as YouTube Music, Spotify, or Pandora. You can also play music from your iTunes account or linked peripherals, such as a turntable. Get your favourite tunes when you want them, from anywhere in your house.

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Custom Home Theatres

Our experienced technicians integrate smart audio/video technology to create your ultimate entertainment room. Control the lighting and volume in your media room with voice commands. Smart speakers automatically adjust their volume and balance to suit the acoustics in your room.

We can help plan, design, and install your ideal home theatre. Learn more about custom media rooms.

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