Elevate your smart home with the latest artificial intelligence technology. Meet Josh.
For an enhanced smart home experience, luxury homeowners are turning to Josh. Josh uses advanced AI innovation combined with natural, intuitive interfaces such as touch points and voice recognition. Orchestrate your home into a place of ease and excitement with this revolutionary new smart home system.

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Josh AI Features

Control a number of features with simple voice commands. Josh uses a proprietary Natural Language Processing system to make voice control even easier. The system understands informal speech, allowing you to issue casual commands as if you were speaking to a family member or friend. Josh even knows where you are, so you don’t need to specify what room to affect unless you want to.

With Josh.ai voice control, you can:

  • Speak in a natural, informal manner
  • Control smart shades and lighting
  • Control sensors such as air quality
  • Ask Josh to play music or videos
  • Schedule commands for later
  • Issue multiple commands at once
  • Ask for information, such as the weather

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Josh AI Integrations

Numerous integrations with leading smart home technologies is one reason Josh.ai is the premiere choice for luxury home owners. You can easily control popular brands of smart lighting, home security, audio and visual systems, and more with Josh. Don’t see the system you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll help you determine if your home system works with Josh.

Josh is compatible with many systems, including:

  • Lutron lighting and shades
  • Crestron home lighting
  • Sonos sound systems
  • Control4 lighting and shades
  • Music streaming including Spotify
  • Doorbird door stations
  • LG, Sony, and Samsung TVs
  • Video streaming including Netflix

Integrate your smart home with the cutting-edge technology of Josh.ai. Contact us to get started.

Josh AI Products

Josh provides a number of distinct products to support your smart home with the perfect amount of nodes. With a long range and customizable placement, you can cover your home with a minimum of hardware. We recommend and install Josh products to give you the perfect smart home experience. Call our team today to schedule a consultation or installation of the following products.

Josh Core

The central brain of the Josh system, Josh Core communicates with other nodes to give you complete control of your smart home.

Josh Micro

These devices fit in the palm of your hand but contain powerful microphones that hear you from any corner of the room. Josh Micro comes in black or white and has wall-mount options.

Josh Nano

These powerful in-room microphones have an incredibly slim profile, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your decor.

The Josh App

Control your home from anywhere with the Josh App. The app can also be configured to interface with multiple properties.


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