Electrical and
Lighting Renovations

Electrical renovations can be as simple as replacing a light fixture or as complex as upgrading a house’s wiring. We work closely with you, your designer, and your contractors to deliver exactly what you want.

Our skilled technicians have experience collaborating with some of Canada’s premier lighting designers.

Electrical Additions
AND Service

All electrical systems require eventual servicing, and sometimes need an upgrade or addition as technology changes. Our team is ready to help you evaluate what your system needs to function efficiently and safely, and we can perform the needed work to get you back in business.

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Service Upgrades

Panel Services

Mobile Home

Electrical Service Upgrades

If you’re constructing an addition to your home, installing major appliances, or otherwise increasing your electrical load, you might require a service upgrade.

To determine the proper upgrade to safely and efficiently run your household, one of our experienced technicians conducts an electrical load calculation on your property. Once we have an accurate load calculation, we’ll create an estimate for you. With every line item detailed and explained, there’s never any surprises.

Call us for a consultation if you’re:

  • Constructing an addition to your home
  • Building a carriage house/rental suite
  • Installing a pool or hot tub
  • Building a deck that requires lighting or heating
  • Installing a new heating, air conditioning, or HVAC system
  • Significantly upgrading or adding new appliances

Adding to your electrical load without upgrading your service can lead to overloaded breakers, damage to your breaker box, and even fires. Upgrading is a straightforward and quick service, depending on the complexity of your system. Call today to set up your load calculation.

Electrical Panel Services

Like any technology, electrical panels improve over time. Replacing old panels is a quick and easy way to ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.
Our technicians are happy to visit and evaluate your current electrical panel and make recommendations for an upgrade.

Signs you might need panel servicing include:

  • You have an older fuse-style panel
  • Your home insurance requires a panel upgrade
  • Breakers keep tripping or are hard to flip
  • Your light bulbs burn out quickly
  • Appliances “struggle” or operate poorly
  • The panel shows rust or excessive wear

For a free estimate or to schedule electrical panel servicing, call us today.

Mobile Home Certification

When the time comes to sell your mobile or manufactured home, you’re responsible for ensuring your home meets all required safety standards. This includes obtaining a certification label from the CSA Group.
Our experienced technicians can inspect your mobile home, create an estimate for any needed repairs or upgrades, and walk you through the paperwork to obtain your certification.
Contact us today to set up your mobile home inspection.

Pfitztech happily provides complimentary consultations and
free estimates for renovations and new construction within the Kelowna
area. Contact us today to get started.
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